What Is Baroque Pearls?


Refer to baroque pearls, we always mention its Shape and it is also one of the key factors when distinguishing pearls. Nowadays irregular shaped baroque are popular because of their uniqueness.

Baroque Large White Freshwater Cultured Pearl Drop Earrings
Baroque Large White Freshwater Cultured Pearl Drop Earrings

Where exactly does baroque come from? According to various information, the word originates either from French (where baroque means “irregular shape”) or the Portuguese word barroco (meaning “irregular pearl”). In English, the word “baroque” points to a style in music, architecture, and the arts (known as the Baroque Period) that existed in Europe from the early 17th century to the late 18th century. The period was known for featuring many decorative parts and details in its artwork and architecture. The baroque style was filled with creativity, new art forms, embellishments, and adventure. These elements are also present in Baroque pearl jewelry, making its name very suitable.
Baroque Shape Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

And the most common type are baroque freshwater pearls. Pearls can also come from freshwater lakes, rivers, and ponds. These pearls are logically called Freshwater Pearls. The majority of cultured freshwater pearls come from China, ranging in color from light shades like soft pink, lavender, peach, and white to dark shades like a peacock and black. Freshwater pearls, of course, have a round shape, but only less than 10% of freshwater pearls are round, which means that the most majority of these pearls are baroque. But these are not the only types of pearls which are baroque. Saltwater pearls, as well as cultured and natural ones, also come in baroque shapes. Even some Akoya pearls, which are best known for their perfectly round specimens, have baroque shapes.

So what kinds of baroque pearls shapes have? It has coin pearls, baroque pearls, twin pearls, potato pearls, cross pearls, rice pearls, egg pearls, teardrop pearls, leaf pearls, Keshi pearls and so on.
Drop Long Dangle Earrings

So today, the attraction of baroque pearls lies in the very nature of their imperfection. The different shapes and sizes of baroque pearls make them extremely charming and beautiful—not to mention unique—when put together. Baroque pearls allow for releasing creativity and pure imagination in jewelry design. If you like jewelry that is unique and different, baroque pearl necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets are the choice for you!


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