What Bracelets Do You Wear at School?

Pearl and Crystal Beaded Mixed Single Wrap Bracelet
Pearl and Crystal Beaded Mixed Single Wrap Bracelet
Schools do not allow students to wear precious ornaments. Because schools are afraid that students will spend their energies on hand ornaments, and that students will compete with each other.valuable jewelry is best not worn in case it is stolen, student’s priority studies, but it will not totally be forbidden.
Many students have said that wearing school uniforms is too monotonous, especially when it comes to summer, there is nothing on hand, and it is empty, but when in school, the bracelet or something is definitely not allowed to take. But have they ever considered a nice leather accessory? Some leather ornaments are designed to look like a hair ring. And even if the teacher asks, it’s just a hair ring.
2 Strands Leather Cord Wrap Bracelet
2 Strands Leather Cord Wrap Bracelet
So what kind of leather bracelets we choose to decorate our own clothes?
1.Leather pearl bracelet. This pearl bracelet style is really exciting, as this style of small partners must pay attention to this one, whether used as a small bracelet or hair ring, the effect will be great, especially in summer wearing short sleeves, such a bracelet is really super cute and full of “youth feeling”.
2.Stainless steel leather bracelet.

There is also quite simple stainless steel style, although this is simple, it is also very beautiful with hands, wearing uniforms with this leather knitted bracelet is also quite appropriate.

DIY Leather Knited Hand Strand Bracelet
DIY Leather Knitted Hand Strand Bracelet
3.Leather beaded bracelet. There is also this kind of small crystal and stone style, in fact, it is also very beautiful, and this style is not only suitable for school when carrying in hand, usually, when going out to play, it will also be very suitable, with some fairy style clothes will certainly look good! Small partners can pay attention to it!
Boho Mixed Colorful Crystal Leather 3 Wrap Bracelet Bangle
Boho Mixed Colorful Crystal Leather 3 Wrap Bracelet Bangle


4.Leather wrap bracelet.  Originally made popular by jewelry designer Chan Luu, these bead and leather wrap bracelets are still super trendy today. … It has endless combinations by changing the color of the leather cord, varying the number of times it wraps around the wrist and, of course, the types and sizes of the beads.PD327 PD515
So according to the above, you can choose more jewelry designs. If you want to learn more, please visit our website:www.topearl.com.


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