How To Make A DIY Bracelet Using Leather And Beads?

Here’s how to create an easy beaded wrap bracelet, finding the complete tutorial step by step on Instructables.
Supplies and Tools
1.African turquoise beads
2.leather cord and silk beading cord
6.925 silver clasp
Step1: Use turquoise beads with 4 millimeters round leather cord and silk beading cord, cut a piece of leather cord about 30 inches long and folded in half at the midpoint, tie an overhand knot and create a small loop and two tails.
Step2:  Secure the loop to your work surface with tape or use a clipboard, cut a piece of beading cord about the same length cord and thread it through the eye of a beading needle ,tie the other end of your beading cord around the left leather cord with a square knot and leave a tail about 4 inches long.
Step 3: Thread your needle through a bead then slide the bead all the way to the knotted tail of the beading cord, then thread the needle underneath the right cord and pull the cord to the right while keeping the bead between the two leather cords.
Step 4: Reverse the direction of the needle and thread it through the bead again, this time above the right leather cord and then underneath the left cord, pull the beading cord all the way through until the bead is snugly secured between the two leather cords. the rest of the beads go on just like the first, snug the beads up and close to each other and adjust the cord loops as needed to pull tight .you’re essentially creating a figure 8 pattern with your needle around the two leather cords. Adding beads continuously in the process until the bracelet reaches your desired length.
Step5: It’s smart to try to keep your beading cord tight, you can snug up against your beading cord by using your needle to catch each loop and pull the string tight. Starting with the earlier beads and working your way down to secure the tail of beading cord thread it around the leather cord in an 8 pattern, but without any beads, this time, pull it tight while keeping the leather cord symmetrical. Then thread the needle through the newly created triangle shape opening to cinch down the figure 8, tie all three tails together in an overhand knot near the last bead and trim the tail of the beading cord only ,then tie a second knot or add a button if you wish with the leather cords a short distance from the first knot .
This design looks great as a single wrap or make it extra long and wrap it around your wrist twice or three times. it’s easy to make this bracelet by your own through the choice of materials and try layering a few of them together.


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