How do we choose right pearl jewelry for clothes and occasion?

The precondition for choosing pearl color is the preference of pearl color for skin color and pearl color assortment, just just be fond of dressing tonal.One easy way for choosing pearl color is to try on white, light pink or apricot clothes which make you look more beautiful.If you want others to pay special attention to your pearls, you can choose a color that contrasts with your skin tone.
So below is 3 ways you can learn how to match clothes.
1.pearl jewelry and clothing style should be considered, more rough, loose jewelry can match loose clothing, such as casual wear, jeans, etc.;Small and delicate pearl jewelry, such as all kinds of designs and colors, three sets of necklaces, should be matched with tight and exposed clothes , such as evening dress, cheongsam, etc., so you can show your good figure. The perfect cooperation in pearl jewelry and clothing style will achieve wonderful effect.
2. A pearl necklace with a long chain should be worn with a garment with a larger neckline and a shorter one with a smaller neckline .According to the principle of mutual match, heart collar should choose  circular arc style pearl necklace. It is appropriate choice for cheongsam and wedding dress to chooses longer pearl, which can appear so dignified and magnanimous, elegance and decent.
3, pearl jewelry is better than diamond, because she can not only embody the noble temperament diamond has, especially in the grand occasions such as wedding, party, but also it is suitable for more common situations, such as daily work. These concise and decent career lady’s clothing with a set of suitable pearl jewelry, which let others feel your ability and success.


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