Could a Non-Christian Wear A Cross Leather Jewelry?

The cross jewelry could be worn by any person. However, it is much better when one knows about the Cross, before wearing.
At the Cross, Jesus who was sinless took all our sins and it’s punishment on Himself. It is usually an expression of trust and faith in Jesus Christ as God and personal savior.
The cross is more spiritual to Christians. Luk 9:23 And Jesus said to them, “If anyone wants to follow me, let him give up himself and take up his cross every day to follow me.” To take up the cross of the Lord is to give all for Jesus, to repent of leaving this sinful world and to devote oneself to the life-long service that they are called to do.
If people only take the cross to be a decorative accessory, that non-Christians can also wear it, just don’t think that you can keep the peace, exorcise evil and so on after wearing it. Just use it as an ornament.
And some cross jewelry is quite beautiful, such as a leather wrap necklace with pearl and turquoise cross pendant.
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