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DIY Jewelry Ideas

Everyone has a love for beauty. In a woman's life, jewelry is an indispensable treasure. Some can improve the whole person's luck, and some with clothing can improve personal temperament, so every jewelry we buy is carefully selected, which naturally makes us fond of it. But should it be...
Turquoise Wrap Bracelet
Here's how to create an easy beaded wrap bracelet, finding the complete tutorial step by step on Instructables. Supplies and Tools 1.African turquoise beads 2.leather cord and silk beading cord 3.Needle 4.Scissor 5.Lighter 6.925 silver clasp Step1: Use turquoise beads with 4 millimeters round leather cord and silk beading cord, cut a piece of leather cord about...
Handmade Leather Pearl Necklace
For many people, it is a headache to choose jewelry for their girlfriend, It's not that you're stingy or that you don't want to spend time, it really does not know what kind of gifts to girlfriends that will make them happy, and have a sense of surprise. Especially in...

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