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Cross Pearl Waterfall Pendant on Leather Cord Necklace
The Meaning of the Cross Necklace Two thousand years ago, the cross was a cruel instrument of torture used to execute major criminals. We can often see that some prisoners are forced to be tied to the cross wood, or shot or beheaded in TV. It's cruel to think about...
Turquoise Cross Pendant Cultured Pearl Leather Wrap Necklace
The cross jewelry could be worn by any person. However, it is much better when one knows about the Cross, before wearing. At the Cross, Jesus who was sinless took all our sins and it's punishment on Himself. It is usually an expression of trust and faith in Jesus Christ...
Everyone has a love for beauty. In a woman's life, jewelry is an indispensable treasure. Some can improve the whole person's luck, and some with clothing can improve personal temperament, so every jewelry we buy is carefully selected, which naturally makes us fond of it. But should it be...

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