Can You Sleep With A Leather Pearl Necklace On?

Rice Cultured Pearl Leather Wrap Necklace
Everyone has a love for beauty. In a woman’s life, jewelry is an indispensable treasure. Some can improve the whole person’s luck, and some with clothing can improve personal temperament, so every jewelry we buy is carefully selected, which naturally makes us fond of it. But should it be taken off or worn while sleeping? This problem should be very troublesome. But it still depends on what kind of jewelry, and then we will briefly analyze it.

Baroque Pearl Pendant Necklace
Baroque Pearl Pendant Necklace

The Harm of Sleeping with a Leather Pearl Necklace

The most common problem with necklaces is “jewelry dermatitis”. Chromium and nickel in necklaces are the most common allergens of contact dermatitis in recent years, and the sensitivity of women to chromium and nickel is about 10 times that of men. Dermatitis caused by wearing jewelry accounted for 9.3% of the patients with dermatosis in China. Common jewelry such as rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, spectacle frames, trousers buttons, scarves with metal wires, etc. all contains chromium and nickel, which can cause inflammation of the skin in direct contact. The main manifestations are itching and burning sensation, erythema, papules, erosion and so on. In severe cases, ulcers can also form, which can induce asthma or urticaria and other systemic diseases.
 When we are sleeping, it will also hurt the spine.
In addition, if it is a valuable necklace, it will be damaged carelessly.

Freshwater Pearls Knotted on Leather Cord Necklace
Freshwater Pearls Knotted on Leather Cord Necklace
Of course, some pieces of jewelry we can wear when sleeping.
1.Jadeite and Jade Jewelry
Jade Tibetan Buddhist Mala Meditation Bracelet
Jade Tibetan Buddhist Mala Meditation Bracelet
Jadeite is a kind of jade that needs to be worn and fed closely for a long time. Only jadeite let us avoid danger and protect the main body from disasters. Moreover, jadeite itself contains a lot of minerals and microelements, which absorbs the turbidity in the body and has a good cosmetic effect on the body. Therefore, jadeite pendants and bracelets can be worn to sleep.
2.Pearl Jewelry
Freshwater Pearl Necklace Wedding Backless Dress Jewelry
Freshwater Pearl Necklace Wedding Backless Dress Jewelry
In ancient times, people with palpitations and insomnia used pearl powder ground from pearls to calm their nerves and astonish. Pearls were also found in many prescriptions of traditional Chinese medicine for insomnia. Because it contains microelements that calm the brain’s central nervous system, so as to play an asleep role, it is also possible to sleep with pearls.
Topearl Whisper:
Although a lot of jewelry can be worn to sleep, I still used to wear jewelry off when I sleep, you are used to wearing jewelry to sleep when you sleep? Or will it be taken off and put on the bed? Leave me a message.


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